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How Do I Make Sure I Get The Best Deal When I Sell My Books Back?

Selling your books at the end of the semester is a great way to recoup some of the money you spent at the beginning. But, you have to play it smart. There are five rules to getting the most cash out of your books when you’re done with them.

a. Timing is everything. Finals week and the week prior is the best time to sell your books. By then, the bookstores have a good idea what is being used for the next semester and will be willing to buy them for the most money.

b. Shop around. Just because one store is only offering $20 for your $150 book doesn’t mean that the others are the same. Once the bookstore has bought the amount it needs, the price can go down. Other stores may still want more copies of your book.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you know how much you’re getting for each book, not just a total. Your total for two books could be $70, but you may be getting $65 for one book and only $5 for the other.

d. If you think the price seems low, ask why. If a book is being used for a class, you should be able to get about half of what you paid for it. It could be a valuable book that the bookstore doesn’t need. It also could be a book that isn’t being used the next semester. It could also be going into a new edition, in which case, you’ll probably want to take what you can get for it before it completely loses its value.

e. Always insist on CASH. If you are offered a debit card instead of cash, make sure you understand the terms of the card. Many have hidden fees that quickly diminish its value. You are usually better off just getting cash.

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