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You can either fill out the form below to get a quote on shipped books, or stop by the store M-F between 10AM-5PM to get what you need!

Summer 2020 Textbook Quotes are now open for home delivery.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we can ship your books to you!

  1. Fill out the form below and list out the courses you’re registered for in the upcoming semester.
  2. Within 1 business day, Collegeville staff will contact you to review and complete the transaction.
  3. Books will be delivered via USPS Priority for $8. This is domestic only. We are unable to process international orders. Most priority shipments arrive in 1 to 3 business days but with the current situation, some orders may take longer.
  4. Collegeville will take every possible precaution to limit covid-19 exposure.
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