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See what other students are saying about reserving their books at Collegeville!

“I love reserving my textbooks with Collegeville because they are all ready for me when I come to pick them up. There is no hassle, and returns are easy too if I decide to change my schedule.”

-Julie J.

“I love being able to preorder my books months in advance so I don’t have more stuff to worry about during and after finals!”

-Luke W.

“Buying your books at Collegeville is super convenient! Shopping for textbooks can be stressful since there are so many different editions and authors for similar books. I love buying my books through Collegeville because I can just give them my class schedule and they do all the stressful shopping for me! The books are ready for you as soon as you walk through the door and you leave with a smile on your face because of the great staff and prices!”

-Stephanie C.

“Reserving with Collegeville Textbook Co saves me the stress of trying to find my books the first day of classes when I need them.”

-Sarah P.

“I really like reserving my textbooks with Collegeville because I always get a ton of cash back at the end of the semester.”

-Elspeth M.

“Collegeville has made getting textbooks and school supplies the easiest experience. The prices are reasonable and the staff are always ready to help. I purchase and sell-back my books there every semester!”

-Maggie B.

“Reserving my college books through Collegeville takes the stress out of buying books. I have always received the exact editions professors ask for and never have to worry about not getting all the books I need. Their buyback policy is also the easiest around campus. I will only choose Collegeville for my textbook needs.

-Hannah S.