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What is up with textbook rentals?

The latest fad with college textbooks is renting. In our opinion, this is a scheme to appear like a good deal for you, when it’s usually a better deal for the book store.  While each store does rentals a little bit differently, it basically works like this:

Sign a contract and give credit card information to pay  less up front – usually between 5%-50% off the NEW price – use the book for the semester and take it back. If you are a little late returning the book, the fees can be very substantial.

Additionally, pay VERY close attention to how much you are actually saving, especially at places that claim to “rent everything”. Often times the rental price can be as little as 5% off. Since you cannot sell this back and are responsible for keeping it in decent condition, this is almost NEVER a good deal.

Also, if you need the book for another semester (for example Math 132-133), you will have to rent it again and pay twice as much.

We came up with an alternative to renting that is much easier and safer. Our “Guaranteed Buyback” program guarantees that we buy back 1000’s of our books for at least half of what you paid for it. There are no contracts to sign, no credit card information held, and no late fees. Just bring the book back at the end of the semester and we pay you cash. Just look for the books with the GUARANTEED BUYBACK STICKERS ON THEM!

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