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What Should I Buy?

In addition to the primary textbook, you will see a lot of extra stuff on the store bookshelves. This could include study guides, solution manuals, quick references, and electronic aides.

Study guides can be useful, and are often times recommended, but not required. Unless your instructor specifically requires the books, you can usually get through the course without buying them. If your prof does not require them, we recommend going to the first week or two of class to determine if you need them.

Many courses have quick reference guides associated with them. These are usually laminated 1 or 2 page guides that give an overview of an entire subject. These can be extremely useful for foreign languages, advanced sciences, or any other subjects that involve lots of memorization of standard tables or graphs. Aside from that, these guides generally don’t offer much and instructors rarely even recommend them to their students.

Electronic or online materials come in two forms: access codes and CD-ROMs. Access codes are almost ALWAYS required. Many profs use them for graded homework. These are often bundled with the book. Keep an eye out for Used books bundled with valid access codes. They’re hard to come by, but if you can find them you can save big!
CD-ROMs generally don’t provide a whole lot of material that you can’t get from the textbook. These are generally included with the text, but are rarely required.

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